The Computer Guy specializes in home and home/office computer repair for North Central Iowa with a focus on virus and spyware removal. FREE pickup and delivery services are available within a 45-mile radius of Hampton, Iowa. 

We feature In-Shop, On-Site and Remote Repair services and look forward to taking care of your needs in the near future!

Our virus removal techniques are some of the best in the area.  Our five-pronged approach, while proprietary to The Computer Guy, involves the following processes:

  1. The Assessment Scan – Part of the FREE PC Tune-up and Inspection
  2. An MS-DOS Based Scan and Removal System
  3. A Linux Based Scan and Removal System
  4. A Windows Based Scan and Removal System
  5. A Visual Scan and Manual Removal System

All of these processes are done locally, in our shop in Hampton, Iowa.  We do not subscribe to a service that automatically performs these operations; they are done by our local technicians with our specialized training in virus and malware removal with custom scripts and processes.  With most virus and spyware removal, many times there are no "quick fixes" and your computer may spend several days with us.  Rest assured, it's getting the best care in Northern Iowa by trained and certified technicians whose goal is to fix the problem -- not to create more.  No gimmicks here, just great service.



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