The Computer Guy is "Trained, Tested, and Trusted" and is what we hang our hat on when we fix your computer.  We are here to serve you!

Here are three things that will make your trip to The Computer Guy easier for all of us: 

  • If you know you are bringing your computer to the shop, give us a call ahead of time and we will bring the computer into our shop from your vehicle.  Some computers can just be left on my porch with your name and number on them.  For those people, we ask that you call ahead so I can be expecting it.
  • If it's a DESKTOP, just bring the tower.  No cords, cables, monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, or other peripherals are needed -- all we need is "the box."  If you are having issues with a peripheral, bring it and the cables that go with that unit.
  • If it's a LAPTOP, please bring the laptop itself AND the AC adapter.  We do have power cords on hand, however having your AC Adapter guarantees we can get to your issue right away, without having to wait for a cord to become available. 

Our labor charges are $50 per hour, plus tax for special projects, however most services are offered Ala Carte so you can pick and choose exactly what you want and priced as such.  When we check your computer into our shop, we let you know that we will call you to authorize any work that is to be done, BEFORE we start -- so you will know what your repair costs will be! 

Our Most Requested In-Shop Services:

Virus & Spyware Removal

We use a 5 step detection and removal system ONLY found at The Computer Guy.  Don't be fooled by "Super Fast" virus removal services, as those are rarely successful and many times we've had them end up at our shop to be cleaned up correctly.  We take care of the virus, not just reformat the drive like many of the "Shade Tree" techs out there.  

Data Transfer/Recovery Services

We offer 3 price points on this: 

1.  A simple data transfer from a working drive to an EXTERNAL drive OR DVD under 4GB - $50 per hour

2.  A recovery requiring the drive be examined by a forensic specialist, with a non-refundable fee - $300

3.  A "Clean Room" service requiring the drive to be disassembled in a clean room, with a paid-in-advance, non-refundable fee - $1,100 

Operating System Recovery

This option is for people who don't care to have a virus removal, who want to just their computer "back they way we bought it."  No additional charge if you have your own recovery disks, otherwise replacement system disks are an additional charge.  The computer WILL be updated with all of the latest updates when we are finished.  This price DOES include finding all drivers for your computer.

Hardware Installation Services

We sell many hardware items.  Some prices include installation, while others don't. We do charge if you bring in your parts and we add them to your computer.  We also offer special orders if there's something we don't have on hand and laptop jack repair.  We do not sell memory, hard drives, or other specific hardware unless we install them ourselves.  If you need those items that you want to install yourself, please go to our Products Page.

Software Installation Services

We have many software titles in the shop or they can be special ordered.  Some software is subject to an installation or un-installation fee.  

Miscellaneous Services

We also offer CenturyLink DSL services, Frontier DSL services and many other un-advertised services.  Just give us a call and we may be able to take care of your needs.

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