Our Policies: 

While other computer repair companies may give you a “tail light” guarantee or find every excuse not to honor their warranty that’s tucked away in their many lines of fine print, The Computer Guy strives for customer satisfaction.  We do business on two premises:  “We’re not happy unless you are happy” and “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”  If something isn’t working or up to your expectations, then we will work with you to fix the problems that you are still having, within a reasonable amount of time.  In some cases, we will refund your money for labor or for the parts that were purchased, as long as they weren’t a special order or non-returnable part.  We are certainly not perfect, but will work with you until customer satisfaction can be reached.  Our goal is to be financially fair to our customers as well as to the business.  Our On-Site labor rates are $60 per hour, plus some mileage outside of our basic 45-mile service area, while our Remote Repair labor rates set at $40 per hour for general repair.  According to our tax guy, we need to charge sales tax for parts and labor in Iowa and parts only in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, we also charge a $20 “bad check” fee, if one of those comes along.  We accept Cash, your good check, PayPal, Dwolla and all major credit cards — which can be taken on site or via remote repair.

Your Privacy:

There are very few things more sacred than what’s on your computer.  Tax records, banking information, personal pictures or videos and credit card information are just a few of the things that are sometimes stored on the computer.  We value your privacy.  However, in the course of our work, there MAY BE times we have to look at files and folders on the computer(s) that we are working with. Personal and/or business information will be kept confidential. Illegal activities, if seen, will be reported to the proper authorities as deemed necessary.  We will not share any of your information with other computer company’s technicians, unless we have your permission to do so. We will not share our customer list or customer email information with any 3rd party companies.

We look forward to working with you and appreciate your business. Patrick Palmer The Computer Guy Hampton, Iowa
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