The Computer Guy offers Remote Repair Services for those who cannot bring their computer to our shop or who have special needs in their home or home office environment and have a high speed internet connection. No need to unplug and haul everything in to someone just standing behind a counter — 


  • Click the “Get Support” icon above
  • Look for the downloaded file “COMPGUY.EXE” to appear
  • Click RUN when it pops up and authorize changes
  • Fill out request: Name, Number & E-Mail
  • Click “Send Request”
  • Sit back and watch me fix your computer
  • Full chat is available during repair

We offer two price points of Remote Repair: A subscription or “Seat” for your repair OR just a regular scheduled appointment.

A “Seat” is by which your computer is connected to my system at all times when on-line. If you have an issue, call or send a message and I can respond quickly by just logging on to your system and solving the problem. The “seat” is a $40 per year subscription fee and a $40 per hour rate, that is pro-rated for the time it takes to fix the issue. All billing for labor is done at the end of the month.

A regular appointment is just scheduled when the two of us are on-line at the same time and will require you to download a program to get hooked up. This takes a bit of time and is billable time. The rate is also $40 per hour and may or may not be required in advance. If you find you need timely service, the subscription may be what you need.

Applicable sales taxes for your area will be applied to either system.

Here are some of our most requested Remote Repair Services at The Computer Guy:

PC Inspection & Tune-Up
We do prepaid agreements — or just one time scans, depending on your need and budget. Choose from monthly, every other month, quarterly or yearly services from The Computer Guy. We will also scan the computer for viruses and can remove them for an extra fee.

Virus & Malware Removal
Remote Repair Services in the area of Virus & Spyware removal is a basic process with some of the extensive steps passed over for a more direct removal of the issues causing your computer problems. The process is a longer process, due to the tools needed to run on the remote computer and the virus attack itself. Many times, the computer will need to reboot several times, so we would need you to stand by for instructions on various items.

Home & Home Office Networking
YES!! Many times, printers, laptops, desktops and secured wireless networks can be set up with our Remote Repair Services.

Custom Configuration
A lot of our Remote Repair Services are simple, basic repairs involving email, web services and connectivity to the Internet. If you have a high speed connection, chances are pretty good that we can remote in and solve the issue in a minimal amount of time.

We have a Remote Repair Services technician online most all day and night or by appointment. Call today and book an appointment.