Virus/Malware Removal

It happens every day. Someone clicks the wrong icon, downloads the wrong attachment or accepts the wrong file and BINGO, you have a virus or malware attack. Don’t panic, just call the easiest number in North Iowa – 641-420-1234. The Computer Guy will be able to clean up the infection and in MOST instances you will not lose photos, documents or other valuable data in your computer. For over 20 years The Computer Guy has brought computers back from the “dead” caused by viruses and malware and has been diligent in research on the topic — even attending “Virus Remediation Training” in Houston, Texas.

If you did fall prey to a scammer that got into your computer and set a password, I can remove those as well, without reformatting your system or losing files.

While The Computer Guy recommends several great antivirus programs, the BEST virus protection is the distance between your index finger and the mouse.

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