Data Backup & Recovery

When disaster strikes, it is not a fun time. This includes Data Loss. The Computer Guy has three lines of defense when it comes to data loss and they range in prices from inexpensive to VERY expensive. Let’s break down the costs and what is involved. You provide your own backup medium or we can get one for you for an extra fee.

Simple Data Recovery – $60
Files need to be transferred from one medium to another. There are no issues with recovery, this is just a data transfer.

Advanced Data Recovery – $120
Files need to be recovered from being deleted, erased, damaged, crashed or any other issues that it will take some time to recover. The Computer Guy uses several different methods with very high rate of success.

Contracted Data Recovery – $$$$
I highly recommend Gillware Data Recovery. The team gives free estimates and has free shipping for your product. I can set this up or you can also set it up on your own. Free estimates are great, then you know exactly what you are looking at for cost.

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