Managed Tech Services

This service is coming soon. Computer Repair is in a new era and that is based on preventive maintenance and proactive anticipation of issues. Monitoring hardware and software functions will be done remotely and from dashboard on a controller computer. Updates and patches to programs and operating systems will be delivered automatically as they need to happen and virus protection will be in a state of constant monitoring. The days of house calls for routine checkups will be over, as it will be done via remote repair.

Not only will The Computer Guy be providing this service at a monthly fee, there will also be a reduced rate for onsite visits in case there is a malfunction with your system. You won’t be sold a “program” as much as you will be invested in “peace of mind” with your computer.

For more information, please call 641-420-1234 or use the contact form on the website to learn more about these services which are coming soon!

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